Sunday, September 17, 2006


Day 7 - Merrillville, IN to Cleveland, OH

I rode today with Kieren. Today was navagation city and we slogged through it using a combination of printed directions, maps, cheat sheets, Kieren's sense of direction (something that I don't have), and asking the locals every time we couldn't figure out where we were.

Eventually we rolled into Pride Of Cleveland Scooters where Phil treated us like royalty. (I was pleased to see lots of Genuine Buddy scooters and even a Blur on the showroom floor at POC)

Riding with Kieren made me think about the folks from the first Cannonball who aren't on the ride today. Wish they all could be here, too. It sems particularly unfair that Robert Benning did not get to come since he worked so hard planning the trip.

We had delicious Cambodian food for dinner. The restaurant had two hotness scales for their food; mild, medium, and hot - American vs mild, medium, and hot - Asian. I went for Hot American and it was perfect for my taste.

Thanks to Bobo (and, we had a wonderful room at the Renaissance Hotel right around the corner from POC. I wish my bed at home were even half as comfy as that one. Thanks again, Bobo!

Tomorrow morning we get to sleep in and leave in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to the rack time in that comfy-looking bed. Zzzz...

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