Sunday, September 17, 2006


Day 8 - Cleveland, OH to Warren, PA

After a great night's sleep and a terrific breafast at Water Street Cafe, we left Cleveland and did a short (157 mi) ride today. I had a a little trouble reaching escape velocity from Cleveland and ended up navigating the western Pennsylvania countryside in the dark by myelf (Well, Libby & Scott were behind me in the support truck, but you know what I mean)

There were lot of critters running around on the road. As it got later and the temp dropped, fog developed and that combined with the critters actually made me a little edgy. I'm glad again for the Blur's excellent headlight and brakes.

Tomorrow is the last actual day of distance riding. I can't say I'm sorry that the long days in the saddle are soon to be done. The Cannonball is a lot like other intense experiences, you are not sorry to see them end, but you are glad to have done it.

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