Thursday, September 14, 2006


Day Three - Hailey, ID to Dubois, WY

I apologize in advance for the grammar errors and the atrocious spelling mistakes these latest entries have been filled with. The truth is that this little handheld device does not have a spell checker or grammar checker. :-/ Have I *maybe* become a little too reliant on technology? Hmmm...

I'm going to keep this short and sweet and try to catch up on my blog. There were two big highlights to today. The first one happened almost immediately upon leaving Hailey. The route happened to run right next to the runway of the local airport. As I gunned the Blur doen the road, I heard a roaring noise and looked over just in time to see an airplane taking off on the runway right next to me. For a moment, we were side by side at about the same speed before he accelerated and lifted off. I always wanted to do chase a plane down the runway as it lifted off and today I got my chance. Lovely.

Second high point of the day (literally and figuratively) was the Continental Divide at 9600+ feet. I guess it goes without saying that climbing to that altitude on a box-stock 150cc scooter was a bit on the slow side. Really I was making an indicated 40 mph prety much all the way to the top. Close to the pass, it finally slowed down to 35 mph, but things picked up pretty quickly on the downhill side... :-}

Dubois was nice. Mountain air makes any and all food taste wonderful, so I thoroughly enjoyed dinner then went to the room to shower. Eight hour later I woke up without ever having taken that shower. Oh well...

Tomorrow we decend to Nebraska! It's all downhill from here.

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