Thursday, September 14, 2006


Day Three - Hailey, ID to Dubois, WY Addendum

Today we were really having to watch our gas to keep from running out in the middle of nowhere. I carry a one- gallon gas can on the scooter and I use it several times a day as we try to stop as seldom as possible.

We have this clever plan to go 200 miles between gas stations (with one fill-up from the can). Today we cut it a little too close and I ended up running out of gas. We disconnected my riding partner's (Noe) Tour Tank (not as easy as it should have been and we managed to get gas all over us in the process) Then we poured that gas into my gas can the into my scooter. Then we made up this elaborate plan just in case Noe were to run out of gas and so on. After all that, we rode over the next hill and there was a gas station right there at the top of the hill. tomorrow we're not going to cut it so close.

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